One domain name of choice
50 GB storage
Unlimited traffic
One SSL certificate
Two Mail Suite Pro accounts
250 GB Aurora Objects

Why All-in-one Hosting?

  • Revolutionary & flexible

    With our All-in-one hosting we have you covered on all the basics for a fixed monthly price, without the hassle of yearly contracts. You always know what's in store for you, there are no nasty surprises and you'll be able to leave at any time (we'd be sad to see you go though).

  • Save €226,05

    By aggregating all of the basics together in one plan, you immediately save €226,05 anually. The total value of all included services adds up to €345,45 which makes All-in-one hosting our most complete and attractively priced hosting plan by far.

  • 250 GB Aurora Objects

    By using Aurora Objects for your static content, the webserver will only have to serve the raw code of your website which gives your website quite a boost in performance. Objects can also be used to save your backups or any other files of course.

With All-in-one hosting we take care of everything. With our extensive support we'll assist you from A to Z when activating your desired services. Want to setup your domain name, SSL certificate or anything else? Just give us a call, email or hit us up on the chat and we'll take care of it.

Extensive support

Not everyone is comfortable setting up a technical product like a webhosting plan or SSL certificate. We are very happy to assist you as an All-in-one customer to get your setup just right and to renew or cancel any of your products and services.

Aurora Objects

Aurora Objects is an object store like Amazon S3, securely hosted in the Netherlands. By serving your static content, such as images and videos, from Aurora Objects, the webbrowser used to access your website can load this data from multiple locations, which makes your website significantly faster for the end user. Don't want to bother to set this up manually? If you're a Wordpress user you can :link-article that will upload your media to Aurora automatically. Of course you can also use Objects to save your backups or any other file you'd like to have accessible from the cloud.

  • One domain name included

    With our All-in-one hosting plan, you get one domain name of choice (.com, .net, .org, .info, .nl, .be and .eu) to register or renew. When placing your order you can immediately check if your domain name is still up for grabs.

  • Unlimited traffic

    Create as much viral content as you want without having to worry on using up too much traffic. With all-in-one you may use as much traffic as your website needs. Hit the frontpage on Reddit? Congratulations!

  • Hosting for one website

    With All-in-one you'll get to host one website. Your website will be securely hosted on our state-of-the-art hosting cluster and will be blazing fast due to our SSD Varnish cache.

  • One SSL certificate

    Encrypt all communication between your website and its visitors with a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. By using this SSL certificate you ensure the privacy and safety of your website visitors.

  • Two Mail Suite Pro accounts

    Mail Suite is an entire suite aimed to manage your online activities from within one single interface. With All-in-one hosting you'll get two Mail Suite accounts, useful for you and a colleague or, for example, your partner.

  • 250 GB Aurora Objects

    Serve your static content from Aurora Objects and boost your website's performance. Objects can also be used to save your backups, or any other files that you'd like to have access to from the cloud.